A natural cold remedy.

5 02 2010

School just started this week, and I was actually looking forward to the running around and the hectic schedule, but most importantly some “ME” time – between that! Low and behold, I had to catch a cold right smack on the first day back to school. Being a mother, we all know that mums can’t possibly fall sick! We still have to drudge on even though we are ill, things still have to get done, kids still need to go to school, they still need to go for their extra curricular activities. Life still goes on. I hate falling sick and I absolutely hate taking medications, unless I absolutely have to. This time round I tried something different. Besides going to bed as soon as the kids were down, I also drank some tea – Cistus Incanus tea to be precise. I bought the set of spray, which included a packet of tea for my sister, but thought I would keep the tea for myself and try it. I was sure glad I did, within two days, my cold started subsiding. And having a pretty nice tasting tea also helped!

Cistus Incanus, what is it? It is a plant – the rock rose family. This plant has many uses, some of which to aid in the prevention or even treatment of colds and flu. How do they do this? By promoting the expulsion of mucus from the respiratory tract. The pink rock rose also contain polyphenols, which are high in proanthenols. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants. These polyphenols can be found in fruits, vegetable, red wine and green tea, but the Cistus Incanus has got the highest concentration of polyphenols.

So, if you would like a natural remedy that would aid in the prevention or even treatment of colds, try the Cistus Incanus tea or spray.